Getting involved as a trainee.

How to get involved as a trainee in making postgrad education better…….

As a trainee in the trust there are many ways that you can help improve training. We are very keen to get trainees involved in committees and programs that affect them, but also to get great ideas from trainees themselves. So, if you are interested in helping make the work a better place for you, your trainers, your colleagues and of course your patients do get involved.

But how?

A good question. In an organisation of this size it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.  Have a think about the following for ideas (non-comprehensive list).

  1. Contact the Divisional Lead for Education in your division. All clinical divisions have an education committee that looks at all aspects of teaching and learning. All of these committees should have junior doctor representation, but with regular rotations these posts can become vacant. So, get in touch with the Divisional lead and volunteer.
  2. Ask your Educational Supervisor about committees in your department and directorate. Almost all groups benefit from trainee representation. For example clinical governance groups, departmental management groups and audit groups exist in most areas of the trust, find out who chairs them and make sure that the trainee voice is heard.
  3. At postgraduate level all training programs will have junior doctor representation on the training committees that link to the deanery and beyond. Speak to your educational supervisor and find out who the Head of School is for your speciality. Contact them and find out how you can contribute to training across the region.
  4. Within the trust a number of trust wide committees need junior docs to get involved. For example Medicines safety would really benefit from junior doctor input. The postgrad team may be aware of a number of such opportunities. Get in touch and see what’s on offer.

These are just illustrative examples of how you can get involved in influencing your training. If you want to know more please speak to the postgrad team and/or your educational supervisor.

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