Vocera messaging and the death of the SHO

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The term SHO is dead, defunct and in some people’s opinions dangerous. That’s the view of the deanery and the GMC so it’s something that we have been challenged to remove from day to day parlance here at CMFT.

However, much as it is rather tricky to stop people calling the department of emergency medicine…. ‘Casualty’ it’s tricky to stop people using the term SHO. So, in order to make a small step in the right direction you may notice something different when using the VOCERA badges recently introduced at MRI and soon to be used in other areas of the trust.

If, for example, you ask for ‘ED SHO’ the badge will reply ‘Calling ED Core Trainee’. Pretty clever stuff courtesy of infomatics and hopefully a step in the right direction.

Now this is all a bit Star Trek and no doubt you will have had plans

If you want to try out a few easter eggs, try commanding genie with these:
– good bye
– beam me up
– beam me down
– shut up

or if you’re brave command the badge with ‘turn funny genie on’ – remember to turn it off before entering a patient area though :-)


Medical Educators Conference – for all involved in medical education

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Flyer Final

Following the success of our conference back in April this year, we are pleased to announce we will be running another similar event in November.

We want to get as many people as possible involved in medical education by showcasing the superb work done in the Trust. We also want to offer high quality, local, approved training to clinical and educational supervisors who do so much to support undergraduate and postgraduate education in the trust.

The Trust’s second Medical Educators’ Conference will be held on Friday 7th November 2014 . This event is for clinical and educational supervisors of postgraduate and undergraduate medical trainees.

The conference is designed to support educators’ continuing professional development, keep educators abreast of changes in medical education and facilitate peer support and networking amongst educators and the Postgraduate Medical Education Team. The event will allow educators to fulfill appraisal requirements and meet the GMC standard for approved trainer status. For existing supervisors, this will count as sufficient activity to keep their GMC approved trainer status in the current year.
There will be speakers from the Postgraduate Medical Education Team, as well the North Western Deanery and the Manchester Medical School amongst others. Interactive workshops will include topics such as managing doctors in difficulty, giving effective feedback and undergraduate tutor training.
Click the Medical Educators’ Conference Flyer here for more information:

Flyer Final

If you came to our conference in April, this one has much the same content so it would be great to see new faces in November.

Places are free but are limited and are filling up fast. To book your place, please contact Jenny Black, Quality Assurance Officer, at [email protected], or by phone on 0161 901 0738

Tools to be a better educator

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Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 09.42.46

This post and the associated page (which should be permanent and here) support the ‘So you think you’re a good educator’ workshop held at CMFT today.


The following resources can help you develop as an educator by actively seeking information

on your ability as an educator.


Peer review of teaching



If you are a career educator then you may want to go further and complete a full multi source feedback (MSF) about your teaching. This is a form that can be used to achieve this. Educator conf Educational MSF



Your training ideas – can you take on the Dragon’s?

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Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 19.22.30A quick reminder of a great project for our junior docs. This is something that we would love to support through the trust and through postgrad. The Dragon’s den project funds great ideas from junior docs that improve on training, education or service delivery.

We love this idea and want to get applications from CMFT to showcase what we can do, previous projects have been great and this year there is an even bigger budget. The submissions need to be well thought through and most juniors will need help and advice from consultant sponsors, so please do give them as much help as you can.

You can pick up more details from their website by following this link Dragon’s Den.

Dragons Den flyer copy

Oh, and I suppose you want to know who the Dragon’s are. Who will you be up against as you pitch your ideas? Well……. the lucky participants will be trying to extract cash from 5 medical leaders from across the NW.

With that lot I wish you the best of luck. It’s going to be tough but fair, and almost certainly very entertaining.

Good luck and let us know if we can help.


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On line training for clinical & educational supervisors

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If you are supervising trainees it is absolutely essential that you are accredited as a trainer. This can be tricky as there seem to be a variety of courses and qualifications out there that might appear to fit the bill….., but do they? It can be tricky to tell and if in doubt you can contact the postgrad team and/or speak to your divisional lead.

If you want a course that you can do in your own time, at your convenience and which is approved by the deanery then you can look no further than the deanery VLE. The link is here.

I’ve done this and it’s really not that bad :-) The content is appropriate and you can use it in appraisal for evidence of your continuing professional development  as an educator.