Medical Educators Conference – for all involved in medical education

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Following the success of our conference back in April this year, we are pleased to announce we will be running another similar event in November.

We want to get as many people as possible involved in medical education by showcasing the superb work done in the Trust. We also want to offer high quality, local, approved training to clinical and educational supervisors who do so much to support undergraduate and postgraduate education in the trust.

The Trust’s second Medical Educators’ Conference will be held on Friday 7th November 2014 . This event is for clinical and educational supervisors of postgraduate and undergraduate medical trainees.

The conference is designed to support educators’ continuing professional development, keep educators abreast of changes in medical education and facilitate peer support and networking amongst educators and the Postgraduate Medical Education Team. The event will allow educators to fulfill appraisal requirements and meet the GMC standard for approved trainer status. For existing supervisors, this will count as sufficient activity to keep their GMC approved trainer status in the current year.
There will be speakers from the Postgraduate Medical Education Team, as well the North Western Deanery and the Manchester Medical School amongst others. Interactive workshops will include topics such as managing doctors in difficulty, giving effective feedback and undergraduate tutor training.
Click the Medical Educators’ Conference Flyer here for more information:

Flyer Final

If you came to our conference in April, this one has much the same content so it would be great to see new faces in November.

Places are free but are limited and are filling up fast. To book your place, please contact Jenny Black, Quality Assurance Officer, at [email protected], or by phone on 0161 901 0738

HENW Postgraduate Medical and Dental conference:

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HE North West colHENW Postgraduate Medical and Dental conference:  ‘Working together across the North West’

Friday September 19th, Reebok Stadium, Bolton

We are delighted to invite medical educators and all those interested in medical education from across the North West to the HENW Postgraduate Medical and Dental conference, which will be the first since the former Mersey and North Western Deaneries have come together.

The day will open with a key note from Jacky Hayden and there will be opportunities to meet and work with colleagues from the region via a series of workshops.

If you are interested in attending you can Apply Here.  You will then be sent an email to confirm whether or not you have been allocated a place.


Please note that your place is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email.  As we are limited to numbers, those who turn up on the day without having a place confirmed will not be permitted to attend the conference.

More details including workshop titles will be available shortly.

If you are interested in running a workshop or displaying a poster at the conference, you can indicate your interest when you apply for your place.  All workshop and poster abstract submissions will be reviewed by the Organising Committee and you will be advised by email if your submission is successful.  Abstracts must be received by no later than 22nd August 2014.


Registration for the conference will close when maximum numbers are reached.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jo Green

Project Support Officer | Medical Leadership, Lessons Learnt & Educator Development

Health Education North West

3rd Floor | 3 Piccadilly Place | Manchester | M1 3BN


T.   0161 625 7672 | F. 0161 625 7510

E.   [email protected]


Tools to be a better educator

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This post and the associated page (which should be permanent and here) support the ‘So you think you’re a good educator’ workshop held at CMFT today.


The following resources can help you develop as an educator by actively seeking information

on your ability as an educator.


Peer review of teaching



If you are a career educator then you may want to go further and complete a full multi source feedback (MSF) about your teaching. This is a form that can be used to achieve this. Educator conf Educational MSF



Revalidation and Appraisal – what does it mean for educators?

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Having been through revalidation this year I can instantly sympathise with any colleague who may be putting together the evidence to ensure that we can keep working. For the vast majority of consultants the process should be fairly straightforward as it is largely based on the annual appraisal process which is well embedded in the trust. This process should cover all aspects of practice and for clinical and educational supervisors this means that appraisal (and thus revalidation) should address how you perform as a supervisor.

So what does this mean in practice?

Essentially, it means that consultants who are working as clinical and educational supervisors will need to demonstrate that they are up to speed and developing in this area of their practice. In the web based system (currently Equiniti as used by many trusts including CMFT), there is a specific section that collates and maps evidence around educational activities and the expectation is that if you are working as a CS/ES then you will be able to show continuing professional development in this area.

So who decides on what constitutes evidence?

A good question as there are a whole range of activities that colleagues undertake to ensure that they become better supervisors over time. The current recommendation from the deanery (who monitor and approve the trust in this area) is that a CS/ES will show evidence of CPD in one of the 7 domains as defined by the Academy of Medical Educators.

We would also like to encourage as many consultants as possible to join the Academy and this would be a strong evidence of your development as an educator. Remember that you get a discount on membership and fellowship if you work for the trust.

OK, but how do I know if the level of training is ‘enough’? What about quality?

We have taken a pragmatic approach to this as we want to encompass a range of skills/courses/activities that embrace the diversity of specialities that we have at CMFT. Some activities will be generic (e.g. completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education), whereas others may be speciality specific (e.g Ophthalmology college trainers day). Most will be self evident, but advice should be sought from divisional leads if an appraiser or appraisee is in doubt.

Hmm, I teach undergraduates and postgraduates – do I have to do this twice?

Nope. Again, we know that our education team is busy and duplication upsets everyone. We have come to an agreement with the undergraduate team that generic teaching skills are exactly that – generic! So, if you completed a course on examining in undergraduate medicine that would be great evidence for development in ‘assessment’ for both your undergraduate and postgraduate roles.

So how will you know if this is working?

We are required to keep a log of who is and who is not accredited and that information will come through the appraisal system. We will sample the quality of evidence on an annual basis to ensure that clinicians are only accredited when it is valid to do so.

So in summary we are working to make the process of accreditation as easy, reliable and as valid as we can. If you have any questions or concerns then please get in touch with the team in postgrad or undergrad.

The Manchester Teaching Skills Course with Steve Playfor.

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Siteminer2 160pxlSteve Playfor is one of our PICU colleagues who runs a teaching courses here at CMFT. The course gets superb feedback, is open to all CMFT healthcare professionals, is just two days, and it’s cheap. If you want to know more then you can follow this link from within the trust…… Manchester Teaching Skills Course.

Alternatively you can download the application form here Application form July Sept Nov 2013 (1)

Rapid approval by the Academy of Medical Educators for GIC instructors

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We have some great news for anyone who has completed a Generic Instructors Course (GIC)  for the Advanced Life Support Group. The Academy of Medical Educators (AOME) has approved the course as an equivalence route for membership of the academy. In the past membership was obtained by completing an application form involving a fair bit of reflective writing and evidence. It was good, but it did take a bit of work and I think it put a lot of people off applying. The new automatic approval process means that if you have passed the GIC you will be automatically accepted as a member of the Academy.

Is it worth it you may ask? Well there is a fee (which is not inconsiderable) but this needs to be balanced against the benefit of external validation of your educational abilities (which is increasingly useful for revalidation & appraisal). The Academy is also doing a lot of work to recognise education as an integral part of being a clinician and will keep you up to date with local and national opportunities for educator development. We are proud to say that CMFT is a corporate partner of the academy so if you are an employee here you are eligible for the reduced rate in brackets below (and it’s tax deductable of course).

  Salary above £60k Salary below £60k Retired F/T Student

£275 (£183)

£135 (£90)




£225 (£150)

£110 (£73)



Associate Membership

£90 (£60)

£70 (£46)



Foundation Member*

£175 (£116)

£95 (£62)



If you want to know more about the benefits of joining the academy then please do get in touch with postgrad and/or have a look at the following document from the academy itself.

Why you should join the Academy

If you are not a GIC certified instructor then don’t worry you may well still be eligible for membership   or fellowship of the academy. A number of workshops on applications are planned by the academy around the country and you can attend one of those, or contact postgrad and we will put you in touch with one of the many fellows who already work in the trust.


PGCE module in work placed based assessments & it’s free!

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Thinking about revalidation?

Worried about that bit on the CV that asks for evidence of educational training?

Even if you’re not worried there is always something to be gained from learning a little bit more about the educational process and also in getting an update on what’s new around supervision. This year the deanery is offering a free module on the University of Manchester PGCE around work placed based assessments. WPBAs (or SETs in foundation training) get a bit of a bad press in some circles, but arguably that is because they are not used well. This module will assist you in becoming a better trainer, will act as evidence of CPD in education for your portfolio and will also count towards revalidation….., and did we mention it’s free.

So, details below or by all means contact us in postgrad to learn more.