Medical Educators Conference – for all involved in medical education

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Following the success of our conference back in April this year, we are pleased to announce we will be running another similar event in November.

We want to get as many people as possible involved in medical education by showcasing the superb work done in the Trust. We also want to offer high quality, local, approved training to clinical and educational supervisors who do so much to support undergraduate and postgraduate education in the trust.

The Trust’s second Medical Educators’ Conference will be held on Friday 7th November 2014 . This event is for clinical and educational supervisors of postgraduate and undergraduate medical trainees.

The conference is designed to support educators’ continuing professional development, keep educators abreast of changes in medical education and facilitate peer support and networking amongst educators and the Postgraduate Medical Education Team. The event will allow educators to fulfill appraisal requirements and meet the GMC standard for approved trainer status. For existing supervisors, this will count as sufficient activity to keep their GMC approved trainer status in the current year.
There will be speakers from the Postgraduate Medical Education Team, as well the North Western Deanery and the Manchester Medical School amongst others. Interactive workshops will include topics such as managing doctors in difficulty, giving effective feedback and undergraduate tutor training.
Click the Medical Educators’ Conference Flyer here for more information:

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If you came to our conference in April, this one has much the same content so it would be great to see new faces in November.

Places are free but are limited and are filling up fast. To book your place, please contact Jenny Black, Quality Assurance Officer, at [email protected], or by phone on 0161 901 0738

Amelie – A Mother’s Pledge in Action

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Last month the Postgrad team attended a Deaf Awareness workshop as part of our Trust’s Equality and Diversity Week. We went to learn about how to support members of staff who have hearing difficulties, but also to see if we could contribute as one of us was born with unilateral neural deafness.

It was an excellent event where we met people with the same condition as our team member, and learnt a great deal. More importantly, we had an unexpected networking opportunity.

At the workshop, we met the inspirational Lesley Chan – mother, midwife at CMFT and champion for multi-sensory impaired children.  Lesley was a dental nurse but retrained as a midwife after her daughter Amelie’s traumatic birth.

Amelie, who is now nine years old, has had 22 operations. She has no hearing nerves, so she will never hear sounds or speak, and she is partially sighted. She also needs 24/7 nursing care. Amelie and Lesley designed a board to explain the basics of sign-language to staff, and want to continue their work educating clinicians. Lesley made a pledge during NHS Change Day which was widely publicised.

You can view their short video story here – its well worth a watch and made us think about what the Postgrad team could do to help.

 Lesley’s mission is to raise awareness of simple sign language amongst clinicians to help communication with patients old and young alike. Thanks to our Foundation Team, we are able to invite Lesley to be a part of our formal teaching programme for Foundation Doctors to showcase her work.  We plan to provide an engaging teaching session for trainees that is interactive with some simple health care signs that are universal, fun and easy to learn.








Joining us in August?



The Postgrad team is looking forward to welcoming you to our Trust in a few weeks if you are one of our new starters. Thank you for choosing us to work with. Its a great place to work and train and, if you are returning to us having been here before, a warm welcome back.

Whether you are in a training post or one of our valued ‘Trust’ grade members of staff, the Postgrad team is responsible for making sure you are given all the training and information that you need to start work effectively and safely.

Emails are going out at the moment inviting you to induction, so keep an eye on your in-box.  Induction is vital to patient safety and we take it very seriously at CMFT. Induction can be considered as comprising two main areas.

Firstly, there are elements that extend across the entire Trust. All new members of the hospital need to be familiarised with how we work. This includes how we work as an organisation (corporate induction) and specific information for clinical groups (clinical induction).

1. You can find the link to the e-learning modules on corporate and clinical induction

. 2. You can download a guide on how to complete this training using this link –

Secondly, all new starters need to be introduced into their local areas. Local induction is essential to safely welcome new starters into the Trust, orientating them to how things are done here so that they can work safely and efficiently from day one. Local induction will usually be co-ordinated by a consultant in the department where you will be working. You should complete local induction as soon as possible after you start, and we’ll direct you to the right place after you have attended the Welcome Session (details in your forthcoming email). Your Division and the Postgraduate department will task you to record and feedback on induction using a form similar to the one below.

Sample Passport

We’ve also published some guidance for local induction organisers which you can find here:

Local Induction Leaflet

Finally, induction really is a patient safety issue and we expect it to take place in a way that supports new doctors in our Trust. If you have any concerns or difficulties get in touch with your educational supervisor first, and if that does not work contact the Postgrad Department. We look forward to meeting you.

Foundation Trainees Make a Difference


Following on from Natalie’s blog on NHS Change Day (,  Dr Alan Grayson, our F1 tutor did a great piece of work recently with our Foundation Doctors which caught the team’s eye.

Each trainee was asked during a group teaching session to make a Pledge. There were lots of promises – from being more effective operationally to improving communication skills to make a difference to patients’ experience.

It was a great opportunity to showcase the commitment and compassion of our junior medical staff. A very positive reminder to all of us (especially those of us in the ‘back office’ functions) just what and who we are here for, and why we come into the office every day.

These are some of the team’s favourites from the pledges our trainees made:

  • Keep my patients informed, even when we are busy
  • I pledge to ask the nurses if there’s anything they need before leaving the ward on a Friday for the weekend
  • Use #hellomynameis in my day to day (read more about the inspirational Kate Granger and this idea further down this blog)
  • I will make sure that I ask all my patients “if there is anything they would like to discuss”
  • I pledge to ask my patients if I can get anything for them after I have reviewed them
  • Smile!
  • Be friendlier on the phone – especially when on call
  • Learn names of staff (especially nurses)
  • Spend more time with medical students
  • I will always ask what a patient would like to be called
  • I won’t just mumble my grumbles – I will act on them

A Clinical Career? Do you need some advice (or help in giving it?)

clip_image002Question: Would you like a free….., lifetime……, personal…….., subscription to a careers journal?

  • Answer YES – in which case we have a great offer for you.
  • Answer NO – in which case we have a great offer for someone you know.

Either way read on……..

The Postgrad postbox receives a huge raft of invites to read new journals, publications and attend educational events. Many of these are a bit rubbish, but every so often one catches our eye and is worthy of sharing. ‘Clinical Career’ might be one that’s worth investigating for anyone considering their personal career, or for anyone advising others (and let’s face it that’s pretty much all of us). Here’s the link to the website

There’s an offer on at the moment that encourages you to subscribe now. If you do then the subscription is a really great price (i.e. it’s free). The content is written by medics for trainers, trainees and all of us involved in medical education it makes an interesting read and we were impressed by the content.  It also asks for nominations for inspirational people to interview, articles and stories.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with a free whoopee cushion as above but you can’t have everything.

PGCE module in work placed based assessments & it’s free!


Thinking about revalidation?

Worried about that bit on the CV that asks for evidence of educational training?

Even if you’re not worried there is always something to be gained from learning a little bit more about the educational process and also in getting an update on what’s new around supervision. This year the deanery is offering a free module on the University of Manchester PGCE around work placed based assessments. WPBAs (or SETs in foundation training) get a bit of a bad press in some circles, but arguably that is because they are not used well. This module will assist you in becoming a better trainer, will act as evidence of CPD in education for your portfolio and will also count towards revalidation….., and did we mention it’s free.

So, details below or by all means contact us in postgrad to learn more.