Combined new GMC standards for UG and PG education

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Please click on the link below to download the latest on promoting excellence in medical education from the GMC. These new standards will come into effect from January 2016 and will replace Tomorrow’s Doctors (2009) and The Trainee Doctor (2011).

Please note that these are now unified standards for undergraduate and postgraduate education. I think this is a good idea as there are clear similarities between UG and PG education and where one is working well it tends to be working well for the other.

Patient safety is prioritised throughout the document, with five themes to deliver this.

  1. Learning environment and culture
  2. Educational governance and leadership
  3. Supporting learners
  4. Supporting educators
  5. Developing and implementing curricula and assessments

If you are involved in UG or PG education then this is a must read before the standards come into force next year.

As ever, please get in touch with any questions.




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