Month: April 2015

The TRAINEE BOARD needs you (and your trainees)

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Junior doctors are potentially our most powerful agents for change.”

Bruce Keogh

We, as junior doctors are perfectly placed to be these ‘agents for change’. We see things on the ground, first hand and often things that our seniors may not see. We are also perfectly placed to fix these problems; we know was works and what doesn’t; because we do this everyday. However, to be these ‘agents’ we need support and engagement from the Trust we work in.

When asked how engaged Junior Doctors within CMFT felt a wide range of responses were seen. However, Key barriers were highlighted. These related to the size of the trust, frequent rotations, a lack of knowledge and accessibility of who to contact within the organisation were identified. When asked what they would help these barriers be broken, clear themes emerged relating to face to face meetings, involvement and attendance on management meetings, better communication.

In order to attempt to bridge such a gap, the trainees board and the CMFT Junior Doctor online Hub has been created….

The CMFT Trainees’ Board is a group within the trust set up to act as a voice for Junior Doctors within the organisation. It aims to represent clinicians who are training in every part of the organisation, engaging with clinical governance, management and education committees. It is composed of Junior Doctors; members represent different areas of the trust by location and directorate.

The Trainee Board information is found on the CMFT Junior Doctor Online Hub (Under the ‘training’ tab on the ‘system links’ section on Staffnet)

This is a space on Staffnet which provides information for Junior Doctors. This information is made up of suggestions from Junior Doctors alongside key information aimed to improve Junior Doctor engagement in the Trust.

It currently comprises of:

  • Bleep and contact information
  • A who’s who of CMFT. A guide to understanding the structure of CMFT. Who do you need to approach with a particular problem?
  • An introduction to Quality Improvement and links to resources, conferences and potential projects within CMFT.
  • An introduction to Medical Leadership– links to the various health reports, information on the structure of the NHS, commissioning, the Urgent Care reforms, the integrated care system, finance structures etc.. all those messy bits we should know about……
  • List of meetings within CMFT that Junior Doctors are invited to. Some of these meetings are one-offs whilst others occur quite regularly. They provide management and leadership experience as well as opportunities for quality improvement projects. If you see problems in CMFT, this is a great way to raise them amongst the powers that be and to actually make a difference.

So, there is no excuse. We are agents for change and can facilitate improvements, and work towards changing culture. Start by signing up to attend a meeting and have your say… I think you would be surprised what may happen.

If you would like to get more involved, you can!!! Either become a committee member, or sign up to attend a managerial meeting. For more information or suggestions please email the [email protected].