Are you an optimist?

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Descartes_mind_and_bodyIf you managed to attend the educators conference last week you may have been lucky enough to hear Shirley Remington from the deanery/Health Education North West talk about resilience. Shirley is the associate dean with responsibility for CMFT and she helped support the conference with an update on training to start the day and then with workshops later. She also has deanery wide leadership for trainees in difficulty and therefore has a wealth of experience to share.

The workshop on resilience gave us lots to think about with self assessment on our optimism and pessimism tendancies leading to an increasing understanding of how these may affect us in the workplace and in particular how it might affect our interactions with trainees and vice versa. I took many things away from this talk, but in particular the concept that for trainees in difficulty we need the right person to support them and that does not mean just anyone, you;re not always the right person at the right time and awareness of this can make us all better educators.

So, enough of the praise….what was actually said is more important and although I can’t summarise here (you’ll have to come to the next educators conference if you missed it) there are some useful links shared on the day that you might find helpful. Firstly there is is the rainy brain sunny brain ideas from Elaine Fox. You can visit the website here where there is a short quiz to determine your current outlook and there is also a short video on the principles here (which will work in the trust if you use the chrome browser and not IE6).

We also heard of the concepts of resilience and RQ which again has an associated website and online test to get yourself a baseline on Nicholson McBride scores.

There was much more, but in the avoidance of spoilers and in the interests of enticement, to know more you’ll just have to come and hear her speak at the next conference (if we can persuade her to come back).

Hopefully, we will here more summaries of the workshops in future posts.



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