Foundation Trainees Make a Difference

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Following on from Natalie’s blog on NHS Change Day (,  Dr Alan Grayson, our F1 tutor did a great piece of work recently with our Foundation Doctors which caught the team’s eye.

Each trainee was asked during a group teaching session to make a Pledge. There were lots of promises – from being more effective operationally to improving communication skills to make a difference to patients’ experience.

It was a great opportunity to showcase the commitment and compassion of our junior medical staff. A very positive reminder to all of us (especially those of us in the ‘back office’ functions) just what and who we are here for, and why we come into the office every day.

These are some of the team’s favourites from the pledges our trainees made:

  • Keep my patients informed, even when we are busy
  • I pledge to ask the nurses if there’s anything they need before leaving the ward on a Friday for the weekend
  • Use #hellomynameis in my day to day (read more about the inspirational Kate Granger and this idea further down this blog)
  • I will make sure that I ask all my patients “if there is anything they would like to discuss”
  • I pledge to ask my patients if I can get anything for them after I have reviewed them
  • Smile!
  • Be friendlier on the phone – especially when on call
  • Learn names of staff (especially nurses)
  • Spend more time with medical students
  • I will always ask what a patient would like to be called
  • I won’t just mumble my grumbles – I will act on them

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