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The Manchester Teaching Skills Course with Steve Playfor.

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Siteminer2 160pxlSteve Playfor is one of our PICU colleagues who runs a teaching courses here at CMFT. The course gets superb feedback, is open to all CMFT healthcare professionals, is just two days, and it’s cheap. If you want to know more then you can follow this link from within the trust…… Manchester Teaching Skills Course.

Alternatively you can download the application form here Application form July Sept Nov 2013 (1)

Rapid approval by the Academy of Medical Educators for GIC instructors

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We have some great news for anyone who has completed a Generic Instructors Course (GIC)  for the Advanced Life Support Group. The Academy of Medical Educators (AOME) has approved the course as an equivalence route for membership of the academy. In the past membership was obtained by completing an application form involving a fair bit of reflective writing and evidence. It was good, but it did take a bit of work and I think it put a lot of people off applying. The new automatic approval process means that if you have passed the GIC you will be automatically accepted as a member of the Academy.

Is it worth it you may ask? Well there is a fee (which is not inconsiderable) but this needs to be balanced against the benefit of external validation of your educational abilities (which is increasingly useful for revalidation & appraisal). The Academy is also doing a lot of work to recognise education as an integral part of being a clinician and will keep you up to date with local and national opportunities for educator development. We are proud to say that CMFT is a corporate partner of the academy so if you are an employee here you are eligible for the reduced rate in brackets below (and it’s tax deductable of course).

  Salary above £60k Salary below £60k Retired F/T Student

£275 (£183)

£135 (£90)




£225 (£150)

£110 (£73)



Associate Membership

£90 (£60)

£70 (£46)



Foundation Member*

£175 (£116)

£95 (£62)



If you want to know more about the benefits of joining the academy then please do get in touch with postgrad and/or have a look at the following document from the academy itself.

Why you should join the Academy

If you are not a GIC certified instructor then don’t worry you may well still be eligible for membership   or fellowship of the academy. A number of workshops on applications are planned by the academy around the country and you can attend one of those, or contact postgrad and we will put you in touch with one of the many fellows who already work in the trust.


PGCE module in work placed based assessments & it’s free!

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Thinking about revalidation?

Worried about that bit on the CV that asks for evidence of educational training?

Even if you’re not worried there is always something to be gained from learning a little bit more about the educational process and also in getting an update on what’s new around supervision. This year the deanery is offering a free module on the University of Manchester PGCE around work placed based assessments. WPBAs (or SETs in foundation training) get a bit of a bad press in some circles, but arguably that is because they are not used well. This module will assist you in becoming a better trainer, will act as evidence of CPD in education for your portfolio and will also count towards revalidation….., and did we mention it’s free.

So, details below or by all means contact us in postgrad to learn more.


Academy of Medical Educators – Corporate Partnership Scheme

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CMFT has recently acquired a Corporate Partnership with the Academy of Medical Educators. We would like to encourage as many colleagues as possible to join the Academy and take advantage of the benefits.

 The Academy of Medical Educators is the professional organisation for all those involved in medical education – the education and training of students and practitioners in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.  It also plays an important role in setting the standards for approving trainers in practice.

 Under the Corporate Partnership scheme, you will qualify for a discount on your membership subscription. The Corporate Partnership discount only applies to people who are not already members.

 As a Member (or Fellow) of the Academy, individuals will be able to use the post nominals MAcadMEd (FAcadMEd) and receive support for their career development and access to the Academy’s online journal, Excellence in Medical Education, in the members’ only area of the website. In addition, members can join special interest groups, participate in conferences and events at reduced rates and take part in opportunities to influence policy at a higher level. Further benefits of membership are outlined on the website

 If you are a current member of CMFT staff and wish to join, you can source application forms tailored to CMFT’s discounted scheme from [email protected]

 Should you have any questions about membership to the AoME please contact the Academy office ([email protected]).

On line training for clinical & educational supervisors

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If you are supervising trainees it is absolutely essential that you are accredited as a trainer. This can be tricky as there seem to be a variety of courses and qualifications out there that might appear to fit the bill….., but do they? It can be tricky to tell and if in doubt you can contact the postgrad team and/or speak to your divisional lead.

If you want a course that you can do in your own time, at your convenience and which is approved by the deanery then you can look no further than the deanery VLE. The link is here.

I’ve done this and it’s really not that bad:-) The content is appropriate and you can use it in appraisal for evidence of your continuing professional development  as an educator.



GMC Survey

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Just three days to go until the end of the GMC survey. If you’ve not replied yet, please do as soon as possible. Your comments really count.

The survey link can be found here.