Trainer Accreditation process at CMFT

Approval of trainers (clinical and educational supervisors)

It is a requirement of the GMC and of the Deanery that consultants are trained to be clinical and/or educational supervisors. The approval process is designed to allow trainers to demonstrate their skills and abilities in the professional standards set out by the ‘Academy of Medical Educators’.


New consultants.

New consultants are required to demonstrate that they are competent in all areas. If new consultants have trained in the North West this will largely be covered by the Postgraduate Certificate in Education module that almost all SpRs undertake. If you have not trained in the North West, if you need a refresher, or if you are just interested in being a better educator then follow the links for the NW deanery VLE. Approval of a consultant into the role of clinical or educational supervisor is dependent on them demonstrating their competencies in relation to the professional standards. The postgraduate team will assist divisions in ensuring that appropriate standards are applied before a consultant takes on a trainee.

Established consultant trainers.

For established consultants and for new trainers approved by the postgraduate team there is a GMC requirement that they demonstrate continuing professional development as an educator. Consultants who have an educational role must demonstrate annual CPD in education through the trust appraisal process. The postgraduate team assists and audits divisions to ensure that the standards of CPD are to a high standard.

Guides for appraisal.

We have produced a guide for educational and clinical supervisors to help them prepare for appraisal. It can be downloaded by clicking below.

Meeting the GMC requirements

We have also produced a guide for apprasiers to make sure that standards are maintained across the organisation.

Appraising eductors A guide for Appraisers

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