Trainees in difficulty – what to do???

difficultyThe term ‘trainees in difficulty’ is used to describe any trainee who requires support in the workplace. This encompasses clinical performance, personal performance, health and disciplinary matters.

Sadly the term carries some baggage and is often perceived to be something of a badge of the failing doctor. This is not true. Many clinicians face issues in their personal and professional lives that require support from their colleagues and employers. The postgrad team are often involved in issues that affect trainees and owing to the varied nature and complexity of many of the cases we have adopted the very sensible advice of the deanery in managing trainees. A description of the guidance can be found here.

The process can be summarised in the flow chart below.


If a trainer or trainer is any doubt about how to proceed then please get in touch with postgrad and we will guide you through the process.

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    […] Trainees in difficulty – what to do??? […]

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