Teaching at CMFT

CMFT is a huge organisation with links to many postgraduate and higher education programs. The following groups and teams may be useful to clinicians training with us.

Some training opportunities are only open to clinicians working in that department (for example if confidential information is being discussed). Other programs are open to colleagues from other departments and these are listed below. If you want to attend one of these programs it is courteous to contact in advance to check that there are no objections. Unless otherwise stated contacts are in the relevant department and you can find details through the intranet.

Unless otherwise stated these training opportunities are only available to employees of the trust and trainees attached to the trust. Meetings aimed at the public are not listed here.

Grand Rounds

Program Time/location Contact Med students Doctors Other clinicians
 Grand Round (Div Medicine)  Postgraduate centre Wed 1245-1330 (lunch 1215)  Lesley Miskelly (postgrad)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Grand Round (Paediatrics)  Research Seminar Rooms (A and B) 5th Floor RMCH Thursday 1230-1330 (register from 1200)  Nick Matthew (postgrad)  Yes Yes Yes

Departmental teaching

If you are interested in opening your training program to others in the trust then please get in touch with the postgrad team and we will put your program up for others to see.

Emergency Medicine
Program Time/location Contact Med students Doctors Other clinicians
Middle grade teaching ED Seminar Rm: Friday 12-1300 Dr Craig Ferguson No Yes No
Journal Club ED Seminar Rm: Friday 13-1400 Simon Carley Yes Yes Yes

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