Post graduate structure

We have organised the PG structure to mirror the trust as an organisation. The medical director (Prof Bob Pearson) has the ultimate responsibility for training at CMFT. The MD is supported by a team within postgrad but also through the divisional management processes as these too have a significant impact on training quality and trainee experience.

The structure across the trust can be described as a two way process both leading to the MD and whilst not on the diagram below strong links exist between the divisions and the PD team at all levels.

PG UG high level structure

  • DME – Director of Medical Education
  • aDME- associate Director of Medical Education
  • FPD – Foundation Program Director
  • CHoD – Clinical head of division
  • ES – Educational supervisors
  • CS – Clinical supervisors
  • PBL – Problem based learning tutors

Within the postgrad team there are more people working away to improve training. A little bit more detail gives us the structure (just PG this time) below. This is the day-day working structure of the PG department with oversight from the MD.

Just PG structure

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