Induction is vital to patient safety and we take it very seriously at CMFT. Induction can be considered as comprising two main areas.

Firstly, there are elements that extend across the entire trust. All new members of the hospital need to be familiarised with how we work. This includes how we work as an organisation (corporate induction) and specific information for clinical groups (Clinical induction).

  • 1. You can find the link to the e-learning modules  on corporate and clinical induction here.
  • 2. You can download a guide on how to complete this training using this link – Online induction information (2)

Secondly, all new starters need to be introduced into their local areas. Local induction is essential to safely welcome new starters into the trust, orientating them to how things are done here so that they can work safely and efficiently from day one. Local induction will usually be co-ordinated by a consultant in the department where you will be working. You should complete local induction as soon as possible after you start. Your division and the postgraduate department will task you to record and feedback on induction using a form like the one below.

We’ve also published some guidance for local induction organisers which you can find here:

Local Induction Leaflet

Finally, induction really is a patient safety issue and we expect it to take place in a way that supports new trainees in our trust. If you have any concerns or difficulties get in touch with your educational supervisor first, and if that does not work contact the postgrad department.

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