Quality improvement and audit


If you have an audit you would like a trainee to take on or assist with, please e-mail [email protected] with details of the project to display on this website.

The audit department:

Contact Us

  • We are based on the 1st floor of the Post Graduate Centre in Education South
  • The department is open from 8am until 5pm (we can arrange later working hours on request)
General Enquiries: 64172
Name Role

Based at


Yvonne Murray

Head of Department

Post Grad Centre


Joe Coltman

Deputy Head

Post Grad Centre


Amanda McCabe

Office Manager & PA to Head of Dept

Post Grad Centre


Kay Kerrigan

Clinical Audit Specialist (National Audit/Trust-Wide)

Post Grad Centre


Denise Brady

Clinical Audit Facilitator – (DMACS)

Post Grad Centre


Julie Suman

Clinical Audit Facilitator – (DMACS)

Post Grad Centre


Hem Patel Clinical Audit Facilitaor –  (CSS)
Post Grad Centre
Claire Riley Clinical Audit Facilitator – (Surgery/Dental)
Post Grad Centre
Marya Hussain
Clinical Audit Facilitator – (Maternity Leave)
Post Grad Centre

Lindsay Jarvey

Clinical Audit Facilitator – (RMCH)

Post Grad Centre


Hayley Wimpenny

Clinical Audit Facilitator – (SMH and A&E)

Post Grad Centre
Laura Coad Clinical Audit Facilitator – (SMS)
Post Grad Centre
Maggie Briggs Clinical Audit Facilitator – (Trafford & MREH)

Tina Hall

Clinical Audit Assistant

Post Grad Centre


Val Morris

Clinical Audit Assistant

Post Grad Centre


Laura Berry Clinical Audit Assistant – (SINAP)
Post Grad Centre
Katherine Taylor Clinical Audit Assistant – (TARN)
Post Grad Centre

Dave Sanders

Clinical Audit Assistant

Post Grad Centre


Full Address Details:

Clinical Audit Department

1st Floor, Postgraduate Centre

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS FT

Oxford Road

M13 9WL

Tel: 0161 27 64172

Quality improvement

Quality Improvement and the Junior Doctor

What is Quality Improvement?

The Health Foundation define Quality improvement, as a method which “aims to improve patient experience and outcomes by taking a systematic approach that uses specific techniques to improve quality.”

This systemic approach includes the use of techniques such as audit, PDSA cycles the understand of measurement for improvement to build a project.

Why does it matter to me?

How doesn’t it matter to you!! Bed blocks, 4 hour waiting time, Patients awaiting discharge, are these things that are affecting you on a daily basis?  Then it matters to you.

We all have a responsibility to improve the care of our patients, regardless of our position in the organisation. We can do this through understanding, engaging with our wider clinical and managerial teams and getting involved with Quality and Service improvement projects.

How can I learn more?

Attend a Quality Improvement Course – Next free course held on 31st March 9-3pm. Please Email[email protected] for further information

Many detailed resources showing how to go about a Quality Improvement project.Including:

  • The Health Foundation/ Quality Improvement
  • Healthcare Quality and Improvement Partnership (HQIP)
  • Insitute of Health Care Improvement (IHI Open School)
  • BMJ Quality and Safety

How can I get involved at CMFT?

There are many ways to get involved at CMFT.

  • Are you interested in setting up a project but unsure how to go about it? – please contac t[email protected]
  • Would you like to get involved with a project that someone else in the organisation is doing?
  • Please keep checking below for information of projects and contact details.

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