The Golden Cannulas

Golden Cannulas

Each year there will be two awards made to foundation trainees within CMFT. These will be known as the “Golden Cannulas”. The winner of the certificate and award (TBC) will be notified in June/July each year. A separate award will be made for each foundation year. This year there will be separate awards for the foundation doctors at Trafford.

Also, we would like to award a Golden Cannula to the most inspirational clinical supervisor at each site.


The following criteria will determine eligibility

  • Foundation trainees at CMFT.
  • Good record of attendance at teaching sessions (>80%).
  • Good record of completion of formal documentation.
  • Good disciplinary record



Subject to eligibility the “Golden Cannula” awards will be given to the foundation trainees that receive the most votes from the following electorate.

  • The foundation doctors in each individual year (one vote each).

In the event of a tie the Foundation Programme Director will decide the winner.



The award will be widely publicised throughout the trust. The winners names may be engraved on the award. A certificate will be awarded for inclusion in the trainee’s portfolios.

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