Linnet Clough

Not a typical day on the wards!

F2 Go Ape 002DSCF0059As far as we know we are the only training program in the UK that takes our foundation trainees out of the hospital environment for some active team building. For the last few years we have taken trainees out on a variety of activities to get them working in small groups, together and (usually) successfully. In recent years this has been at Linnet Clough near Marple.

Activities vary from year to year but a combination of command tasks, raft building, orienteering, field sports and high ropes usually has enough to get everyone interested. Whilst there is no doubt that the day is a lot of fun, it

does serve a serious purpose as well. Central Manchester attracts trainees from all over the UK and internationally. We have a really diverse group of trainees from different backgrounds, training programs and Universities who need to ‘gel’ quickly to give each other the peer support essential for foundation training. For reasons best explained by psychologists this process  appears to be aided by getting wet, tired and lost (the orienteering is a challenge for some!).

The day is led by a combination of senior trainees (FY2, Core and Specialist) with oversight from the foundation teams. We certainly enjoy it and we hope that if you come and join us you will too.


Highlights in previous years include the dunking of the foundation team in the lake, the very embarrassing ‘geographical embarrassment (very, very lost) team leader retracing the route back from raft building and the trainee who arrived in an evening dress!

We’re always looking for new ideas to do something to liven up the training program so if you have ideas, bring them along.


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