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Vic Brazil lecture. 14th August 2014

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The following text first appeared on the St.Emlyn’s website and welcomes anyone interested in Medical Education to join us on the 14th August for a lecture by Vic Brazil from Brisbane. This was written by Natalie May, one of our new EM consultants (who is similarly fantastic).


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Vic Brazil

There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe the magnitude of inspiration on offer from the world’s finest critical care speakers. Who you may ask?

The answer to that question comes naturally – Victoria Brazil.

Victoria Brazil’s opening talk – Timing, Tribes & STEMIs – was spellbinding; if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this page immediately and please watch it! Her nuanced approach to communication across healthcare specialties and disciplines voices a challenge to each of us which cannot be ignored.

Victoria’s wisdom, passion, perception and insight are matched with exceptional presentation skills (when offered a time-check for her 20-min talk at SMACC she simply eyeballed Roger Harris and said, “It’s 20 minutes long.” She was right on the nose). She is a master of delivery and performance, captivating to watch and listen to. Every time I see or hear her speak I realise just how much I have to learn about owning the stage!

Like the St Emlyn’s team, Victoria is a supporter of FOAM. She is a founding member of the FFF, a member of the SMACC organising committee and a contributor to iTeachEM, an international collaboration of EM educators. She is an associate Professor at Bond University in Australia and works clinically in Queensland. In 2008 she was awarded the Australian College of Emergency Medicine’s Teaching Excellence Award.

We are so unbelievably fortunate to be able to welcome Victoria to St Emlyn’s on Thursday 14th August when she will be giving a free talk entitled Talking, Teaching and Technology in conjunction with the Manchester Medical Society. If you are interested in medical education, this is a talk you shouldn’t miss!

The event will take place at the Stopford Building, part of the University of Manchester, from 19:00 on Thursday 14th August 2014.

If you want to book a place then fill in the form available on the the St.Emlyn’s website. We’d love to see you there.

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Postgraduate ward rounds – a pilot project at CMFT.

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We are always of looking for better ways of engaging with trainees at CMFT. Something that we are trialling across the trust in the next few months will be the concept of ‘educational ward rounds’.

Ed – do you really want more ward rounds??

Well not exactly, the idea is that the PG team will visit trainees in their place of work, so it’s us doing the rounding not you. We want to come to you just as much as we want you to come to us. In the past we have asked trainees to come to us for meetings and whilst this has been very helpful it’s not always the same as meeting in the clinical environment itself. So, we have been trialling the idea of members of PG (clinicians and admin) to go out into the wards and clinical areas to ‘bump into’ and talk to trainees about their training.

Our early experience suggests that this gives a different perspective on training and helps us learn more about what it’s like to be a junior doc at CMFT. It’s also a way for us to interact with trainees who might struggle to attend the more ‘organised’ trainee meetings (for example as a result of shifts etc.).

So, if a member of the team drops into your ward and asks how you’re doing we’d love to hear your feedback. Don’t be scared we’re there to help:-)

PGCE module in work placed based assessments & it’s free!

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Thinking about revalidation?

Worried about that bit on the CV that asks for evidence of educational training?

Even if you’re not worried there is always something to be gained from learning a little bit more about the educational process and also in getting an update on what’s new around supervision. This year the deanery is offering a free module on the University of Manchester PGCE around work placed based assessments. WPBAs (or SETs in foundation training) get a bit of a bad press in some circles, but arguably that is because they are not used well. This module will assist you in becoming a better trainer, will act as evidence of CPD in education for your portfolio and will also count towards revalidation….., and did we mention it’s free.

So, details below or by all means contact us in postgrad to learn more.