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If Richard Branson was PGDME he might say……..

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A thought for all those preparing to welcome our new doctors in August. Train them so well that they want to stay here or come back as a consultant. It’s no small task and we are not an airline, but there is truth in those words. As DME it’s pretty clear to me that although there is clearly a link between workload and satisfaction there is a also a strong association between satisfaction and being valued. We need our trainees to feel part of a team, to feel valued and to feel they are learning here in a hospital with fantastic developmental opportunities.

One to think about in the last few weeks before the biggest induction of the year.

Look after your staff and they will look after your customers (patients)




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The Postgrad team is looking forward to welcoming you to our Trust in a few weeks if you are one of our new starters. Thank you for choosing us to work with. Its a great place to work and train and, if you are returning to us having been here before, a warm welcome back. Whether you are in a training post or one of our valued ‘Trust’ grade members of staff, the Postgrad team is responsible for making sure you are given all the training and information that you need to start work effectively and safely.

Take a look at our personal welcome to you here:

Emails are going out at the moment inviting you to induction, so keep an eye on your in-box.  Induction is vital to patient safety and we take it very seriously at CMFT.

We are introducing an Induction WebPortal this August for you to access everything you need to know about your first days and how to hit the ground running. We hope you find it useful and will be asking you how we can make it even better once you get here. We’ll send you details on how to access the website in our email to you.

Induction can be considered as comprising two main areas.

Firstly, there are elements that extend across the entire Trust. All new members of the hospital need to be familiarised with how we work. This includes how we work as an organisation (corporate induction) and specific information for clinical groups (clinical induction).

1. You can find the link to the e-learning modules on corporate and clinical induction We will be sending you your user name and password shortly

Secondly, all new starters need to be introduced into their local areas. Local induction is essential to safely welcome new starters into the Trust, orientating them to how things are done here so that they can work safely and efficiently from day one.

Local induction will usually be co-ordinated by a consultant in the department where you will be working. You should complete local induction as soon as possible after you start, and we’ll direct you to the right place after you have attended the Welcome Session (details in your forthcoming email).

Your Division and the Postgraduate department will task you to fill in a self-declaration form during your first month to let us know that you have completed all elements of your induction. You’ll be able to do this quickly and easily on the WebPortal.

Finally, we will be giving you a phone call in the days leading up to you starting here to say hello and make sure you are happy that you have all the information you need to get started on your first day.

Take a look here for an overview of what we stand for here at CMFT, our values and how we put our hearts into what we do.

You’ll see many of these faces on the shop floor when you get here!

We look forward to meeting you.