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DEMEC conference funding opportunities & CLOSING DATE FOR ABSTRACTS

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The Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference takes place in Manchester this year. In medical education circles this is a big deal, bring together a whole host of key training organisations in the UK. It’s jointly organised by COPMeD, HEE, NACT UK, NES, COGPED, AOME, ASME and GMC. Now I know that’s a lot of acronyms but you will surely recognise most of them.

This will be a key conference for anyone involved in undergraduate or postgraduate education and since it’s just up the road we really want CMFT to have a presence there. If you have a healthy study leave budget then great – book and go. However, we recognise that there are pressures on training budgets and leave so the postgrad team may be able to support 2-3 trainees to attend.

So, if you……

  1. Are a trainee doctor here at CMFT
  2. Can get a poster together and submitted by the 6th June (not a lot of time I know)
  3. Can send your poster to postgrad with a one page explanation of
    1. why we should fund you.
    2. what you will get out of attending
    3. how it will help your personal development
    4. what the trust will get back from your attendance
    5. then send to [email protected]

….then we will fund your registration fees.

If you want to know more then



Vocera messaging and the death of the SHO

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The term SHO is dead, defunct and in some people’s opinions dangerous. That’s the view of the deanery and the GMC so it’s something that we have been challenged to remove from day to day parlance here at CMFT.

However, much as it is rather tricky to stop people calling the department of emergency medicine…. ‘Casualty’ it’s tricky to stop people using the term SHO. So, in order to make a small step in the right direction you may notice something different when using the VOCERA badges recently introduced at MRI and soon to be used in other areas of the trust.

If, for example, you ask for ‘ED SHO’ the badge will reply ‘Calling ED Core Trainee’. Pretty clever stuff courtesy of infomatics and hopefully a step in the right direction.

Now this is all a bit Star Trek and no doubt you will have had plans

If you want to try out a few easter eggs, try commanding genie with these:
– good bye
– beam me up
– beam me down
– shut up

or if you’re brave command the badge with ‘turn funny genie on’ – remember to turn it off before entering a patient area though:-)