New Cycle Hub in Cobbett House

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A new cycle hub facility for staff has opened in Cobbett House,Central site and is the first of its kind for the organisation. The custom built unit hosts male and female changing areas, showers, drying room, toilets and clothes lockers. Located right outside the hub is a covered and secure cycle shelter.

The project forms part of our commitment to sustainability, helping to encourage staff to cycle to work and reduce their carbon footprint, whilst keeping fit and healthy at the same time. We hope the new facilities will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and take up cycling, helping to ease pressure on our car parks.

To apply for access to the cycle hub, please email the Energy and Sustainability team,

[email protected]. Membership of the hub is open to anyone that needs to shower or change as a result of the way they travel to work. Regular users can also apply for a clothes locker. For advice on cycling to work, the Trust has an active Bicycle User Group (BUG), contact [email protected].

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