Day: October 25, 2013

Kate Granger – #hellomynameis at CMFT

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Kate GrangerIf you’ve been following medical social media recently then you’ve probably already come across a campaign set up by Kate Granger on the simple, but essential matter of introductions.

Kate is a doctor and terminally ill cancer patient who runs a blog that helps clinicians and patients understand the experience of life, death, medicine and cancer. She’s really quite inspirational, in part because she asks difficult questions of the medical profession and our relationships with patients.

Following a recent bout of sepsis in hospital she observed that staff did not introduce themselves to her. It’s such a simple, quick but essential thing to do for our patients and it’s something we support here at CMFT. The blog post has engaged clinicians & managers across the world and it’s worth a read. As she puts it on her blog…..

“Hello. My name is Dr Kate Granger. I’m one of the senior doctors who will be looking after you on the ward while you’re with us. How are you feeling today?”

We should all copy Kate’s example…..