New consultant appointments in Postgraduate medical education

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I am absolutely delighted to announce a range of new appointments in Postgraduate medicine. We are embarking on some real change in the way that we support and manage postgraduate education in the trust and the new appointments are going to be key to making it work.

So, the new structures in the trust look a little like this.

Just PG structure

The appointment of 4 new Associate Directors of Medical Education (aDME) will allow us to outreach into the various divisions in the trust by building a more direct relationship with trainers and trainees. Each aDME will have a responsibility for oversight of one or more divisions (a patch responsibility) whilst also holding a trust wide portfolio (for example leading on doctors in difficulty).

Our new aDMEs are..

  • Margaret Kingston, consultant in Genito-Urinary Medicine
  • John Bright, consultant in Acute Medicine
  • Mark Forrest, consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Fiona Spencer, consultant Ophthalmologist

…and our new Foundation team is…

  • Lesley Doyle, FPD, consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Preeti Shah, aFPD, consultant in Rheumatology
  • Alan Grayson, aFPD, consultant Emergency Physician

…and no change to

  • Simon Carley, Postgraduate Director of Medical Education, consultant Emergency Physician
  • Anna Kelsey, Associate Medical Director (with responsibility for Med Ed), consultant in Paediatric Histopathology
  • Tony Armstrong, Associate Director of Med Education
  • Karen Stuart, Head of Postgraduate medical education
  • Claire Whitfield, Staff & Associate Specialist lead, GUM
  • Sujesh Bansal, International Tutor, consultant Anaesthetist
  • John Butler, ACCS lead, consultant Intensivist (EM)

This is a great team of experienced clinicians and educators and I’m sure we are going to do great things.

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