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The golden cannula awards 2013

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This year’s golden cannula award winners were announced at recent grand rounds it MRI and TGH.

The winners are……

  • FY1 Trafford – Adele Whiteman
  • FY2 trafford – Sophie Wilkinson
  • FY2 Central – Karen McClay
  • FY1 Central – Sanna Waseem Khawaja
  • Clinical Teachers of the year are Chris Hardy (MRI) and Dr Stephens (TGH)
Dr Stephens
Dr Stephens
Karen, Chris and Sana
Karen, Chris and Sanna
FY1 – Adele Whiteman FY2 – Sophie Wilkinson (in scrubs)

A hearty well done to them all, it means a great deal to be selected out of what is a pretty tough field of excellent junior docs.

I am told that Dr Stephens is retiring soon so I do hope that this is a memorable award that recognises his contributions to teaching. As for Dr Chris Hardy…’s him again! Fantastic consistency and very well deserved, but will someone else find a way to win the award ahead of him next year?

Consultant Job opportunities in Postgrad education.

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If you’ve signed up to the blog, or if you are just visiting from within the trust it’s probably because you have an interest in medical education. We think that’s fantastic as we do too and we want to get more people involved in formal education posts in the trust.

This week we are advertising a number of new posts in PGME that will give us a better structure to deliver training to the junior doctors of the future.

We are really interested to bring new and enthusiastic consultants into the PGME team to lead in areas such as educator development, foundation doctor roles, quality management and doctors in difficulty. This represents a fantastic opportunity for any consultant interested in medical education to expand and develop themselves over the next 1-3 years. In brief we are looking for the following roles.

  • 1. Foundation Program Director – this role oversees the foundation program across the trust. A fantastic job (my old job in fact) and one that is incredibly rewarding (2PAs).
  • 2. Associate Foundation Program Directors – these roles will focus on either F1 or F2 to ensure the quality of training and the support of our most junior doctors (1PA each).
  • 3. Associate Directors of PGME – these are entirely new posts that will oversee 2-3 hospitals within the trust, supervising divisional leads whilst taking on trust wide responsibilities in support of the Director of PGME (currently myself). This is a really exciting role that will require a degree of innovation and independence (1PA each).

The astute amongst you will recognise similarities between this organisational model and that of the deanery, and this is intentional. CMFT is a major teaching and training provider and we need a structure and a workforce to deliver it.

Is this just for those already in educational roles?

Absolutely not. I started as FPD having simply been an enthusiastic consultant in EM. It has changed my career and allowed me to develop personally and professionally in a way that I could not have imagined at the time. We are absolutely committed to developing consultants into these roles and will support all successful applicants.

So, if you are interested in education, if you are looking for a challenge and if you want to develop your personal skills with the support of the trust and the PGME department get in touch and ask more. The job adverts should be arriving in your email box anytime now but there is no substitute for a conversation by phone or face to face. You know where to find us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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